Plane’R Fest 2020 postponment

Dear Montcul’s faithful,

As you may know, the 2020 edition of Plane’R Fest has been postponed. The whole team had been preparing this festival for months with enthusiasm, the programme had aroused a craze that had surprised us all, but we had to face the cruel reality. The health situation related to this cursed pandemic forces us, like many other festivals and events that gether people, to make our arrangements.

Preserving the health of all is our top priority, and it is all the more difficult to imagine a respect for “social distancing”, whether in the pit or around the bar, in the context of a festival such as the Plane’R Fest (we like to be tight in Montcul!).

We all have in mind the daily fight led by the medical teams, who are focused on the struggle against this terrible plague, but also by all those, in many areas, who help the country and the world to hold on. This allows us to put our disappointment into perspective.

We are also very worried about the future of the cultural sector, with an already fragile economy, which is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. We are of course wholeheartedly with all its actors who allow us, throughout the year, so many moments of discovery, emotion, escape (and to meet with pleasure around a cold beer!).

Let’s end with some good news: it is indeed a postponement and not a pure and simple cancellation, given that the great majority of the groups have given their agreement to participate in the next edition of the festival, on July 2nd and 3rd, 2021!

Rare changes will give us the opportunity to offer you some nice surprises in replacement, with the idea of making up for this blank year with honours and living together an exceptional edition. Final line-up is already available here!

Happy owners of a 2020 edition ticket (thank you for your confidence again), the different procedures about the refund or postponement of the ticket for the 2021 edition will appear on the Postponment & Refunds page of this site, accessible by clicking here.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, we hope to see many of you in good shape in 2021, for an even crazier edition (Montcul will be patient)!

The Plane’R Fest team