PRF 2022

Dear followers,

On this cold and foggy day in December 2022, PRF Flight 23 leaves the ground for Montcul. On board, the crew of the last chance, fleeing the army of shadows, displays a disturbing serenity.

The pilot, wearing on his face the madness of the dead, seems ready to fight the turbulences of a journey that he knows will be dangerous. The radar is not optimistic, but will his audacity finally counter the funereal destiny that opens its arms to them?

His passengers are overexcited. They know what they are worth. They have been selected for their bravery, their tenacity, their audacity, their ability to penetrate the lands, to play with the elements. Bands for whom the very notion of frontier no longer exists, whether it be territory or musical style.

They all know that the crash will be all the more epic as they will live it together.

PRF Flight 23 is expected on July 7, 2023.

Watch out for the crash!

Montcul will probably never recover…