PRF 2024

Dear followers,

Thanks to a new storm generated by violent winds, 5 new names have today suddenly joined the ranks of the new army of shadows!

The Swiss band Eluveitie, pioneers of folk metal, harmoniously blending melodic death metal and pagan folk into a fierce, catchy trance.

The 4 Japanese girls from Hanabie. from JP and their ‘Harajuku-core’, an explosive mix of metalcore, hardcore punk, nu metal, hip-hop, electronica and kawaii imagery.

BlackRain, a cult band from Annecy, flying the flag for glam metal in France, recently joined by (no less cult) Franky Costanza behind the drums.

BÅKÜ, a post-metal band straight from Valence, with their noisy, metronomic guitar jerks, roaring bass and multi-layered musical trances.

The 5th new name will take a little longer to be revealed: a springboard (to be announced shortly) will enable the most reckless regional band to join the ranks of the infernal whirlwind of sound that will rock Montcul on 5 and 6 July.

Awaiting the next crash, which will bring out the last 3 incredible names from their smoking carcasses, the damned souls of Montcul are already tuning their guitars. Chaos has never been so close…