PRF 2024

Dear followers,

The announcement of the invasion scheduled for July 05 has spread panic throughout Montcul. The inhabitants of neighboring villages, hearing rumors of a growing horde ready to bury the kingdom under its barbaric riffs, are preparing for an unprecedented confrontation. Some seek refuge in more distant lands, while others, more valiant, prepare to face the inevitable.

The succubus pilot, who has become the undisputed leader of this metal army, is meticulously planning his invasion. As the days pass, and Montcul prepares for a ceremony as grandiose as it is sinister, the master of chaos has summoned his latest champions:

HATEBREED, KO KO MO, BLACK BOMB A and MARS RED SKY complete the horde’s ranks. Their war song is already echoing across the plains.

The fateful day of attack will arrive soon enough. On July 05, the sky will darken, and the rain of metal will then storm down on Montcul.

The army is complete, and the invasion can begin 🤘

Running Order