As last year, Plane’R Fest will be 100% digital this year, allowing you to pay directly with your bank card.

For your purchases at the bar, food area and merchandising stands of the Plane’R Fest only, you will have the privilege of choosing to pay either directly with your bank card or via a cashless card.

Foodtrucks, independent merchandising stands and band merch stands will accept their own payment methods and will not use the Plane’R Fest cashless card.

Benefits of this hybrid system: you don’t have to buy a cashless card, there are fewer people at the cashless counter, faster reloading, faster orders, and as a bonus, you can run straight to the bar to get your beer instead of queuing first to buy and load your cashless card (phew!).

Only people who wish to pay in cash will have to get a cashless card.

The cards are sold for 1€ and cannot be returned at the end of the festival (fortunately for you, they are multifunctional and can be used to defrost your windscreen, clean the bottom of your sink, cut a piece of bread, wear it as a pendant, etc… Avoid using it as a beer mat, too small, it gets spilled…).

And although the remaining amount is not reusable from year to year, you will be able to reuse last year’s card by charging it at the festival’s Cashless Point. But do so at your own risk: you’ll miss out on the new design of the cards in this edition and have nightmares about it for the rest of your life…

Refund request of the remaining amount on your cashless card will be possible online between 08/07/2024 and 21/07/2024 (see the “Refund” section on this page). After this date, the association Les Sonorités de Montcul thanks you for your donation and will collect the remaining money which will be used to put on the next edition.

Important: as last year, there will be no code other than the one printed on the cashless card. We will therefore ask you for your first and last name when you pick up your card at the cashless counter, and we will ask you for proof of identity if your cashless card is stolen or lost. This will enable us to block your lost or stolen card and give you a new one with the exact amount remaining on your old card.


Cashless is a contactless payment system that allows you to pay in few seconds for your purchases on the festival area (bar, food area, and Plane’R Fest merchandising stand run by the association Les Sonorités de Montcul).

The hybrid system will allow you to choose your preferred digital payment method: your bank card or a Plane’R Fest cashless card.

Bank cards are accepted for cashless card reloading (we also take coins).

Independent stands such as food trucks, band merchandising stands and other merch stands which do not sell official Plane’R Fest products will accept their own means of payment but will not take Plane’R Fest cashless cards.

Benefits of this hybrid system:

  • No need to buy a cashless card (so you can run straight to the bar to get your pint and go and enjoy the show as quickly as possible!)
  • Direct payment if you opt for a bank card, so there’s no need to ask for a refund at the end of the festival, and no surprises about not having enough money to pay for your round or a beautiful Plane’R Fest t-shirt made especially for you.
  • Reload in a few moments during the festival
  • Whether you choose a cashless card or your bank card, payment is quick and easy
  • Your money is secured and transactions are protected

During the event, you can reload your card at the Cashless Point (“Point Cashless” in french on the festival area) present on the festival. You will find it just next to the bar.

There will be a bank card counter and a cash counter to credit your card.

You can reload it as many times as you like during the event.


If you wish to pay with your bank card, there is no need to obtain a cashless card. You can pay directly by credit card!

If you wish to pay in cash, however, you will need to get and load a cashless card.

You will have the possibility to get it at the Cashless Point for the modest sum of 1€, at the first loading.

You will be asked for your first and last name so that we can associate your cashless card number with it. This will enable us to find your card easily should it be stolen or lost during a hug in a wall of death.


Cashless cards from 2023 edition are reusable this year.

However, cashless cards from previous editions are not usable anymore, because we are not using the same technology.

But don’t worry! As explained above, you’ll be able to make all your purchases directly using your bank card at the bar, in the food area and at the official Plane’R Fest merchandising.

And for those who don’t want to pay directly by credit card for their purchases at these stands, you can go to the “Cashless Point” with your old cashless card: if your card is from the 2022 edition, we’ll give you a new card for free that you can use for this edition, as we announced at the time that the cards would be reusable; and if your card is from the 2023 edition or later, you’ll have the choice of reusing it or buying a brand-new one in this year’s design.


As announced last year, the amount remaining on your 2023 cards was refundable until midnight on 23 July 2023, and the money not refunded was collected by the association Les Sonorités de Montcul and used to put on the 2024 edition.

This principle remains the same for this year (see the “Refund” section on this page).


You can request the blocking of your card by going to the Cashless Point.

You will then need to provide proof of identity. Once your card has been blocked, you will receive a brand new card containing the amount remaining on your blocked card.

Please note: if you cannot prove your identity, we will be able to block the card but we will not be able to return any money remaining on it. In this case, your card is like your wallet: if you lose it, the money stored on it will also be lost.


Refund requests for remaining amounts on cashless cards are possible between 08/07/2024 and 21/07/2024, by clicking on this link :

You’ll need to enter the number on the back of your cashless card, and your IBAN. A transfer will be made to your bank account within 1 month.

After 21/07/2024, the money remaining on cashless cards will be collected by the association Les Sonorités de Montcul and will be used to set up the next edition.

For any refund problem, please contact us at