Info / F.A.Q.


Montcul” is pronounced like “Mon cul” in french, which literally means “My ass”. And for your pleasure, it is the name of the hamlet in which the festival takes place. Enjoy and come to Montcul!


To enter the festival, each person will have to buy a ticket. Online ticket office can be accessed by clicking here, and an on-site ticket office will be available for those who have not purchased their tickets yet.

Children younger than 14 years old will get a ticket for free and may only enter the site if they are in possession of a valid entry ticket (to be obtained at the on-site ticket office) and with a parent or a guardian, who must also be in possession of a ticket.

Festival-goers aged between 14 and 18 must come with an adult.

If there is any doubt about the age of the child, the staff may ask for proof of the child’s date of birth. So it is up to the parents to provide proof of the child’s date of birth.


Plan d'accès


Plan du festival



PRM parking spaces will be reserved in the car park near the festival area. Don’t forget to let us know about your arrival by sending us an email at the following address to make your welcome easier:


We reserve the closest area to the entrance for PRMs. Don’t come too late as these areas are quickly overrun.


PRM toilets are provided on the site (in the hall named La Dauphinoise). Please go to the bar or the reception so that a volunteer can help you access them.


Animals are strictly forbidden at the Plane’R Fest, except dogs for visually impaired persons.


The bar is run by the association Les Sonorités de Montcul (LSDM) and offers: handcrafted beers, handcrafted cider, wine, sodas, mineral water bottles, granita…

Plane’R Fest cups are sold for 1€. They are not returnable. Possibility to come with your own Ecocup, but you will regret it and will never sleep again ’til the end of your days…

Water sources are available to festival-goers over the entrance area and at the back of the bar.

For eating, a food stand is run by the association LSDM. A food truck is also available on the festival site. Vegans and vegetarians will also have a menu at their disposal.


As last year, Plane’R Fest will be 100% digital this year, allowing you to pay directly with your bank card.

For your purchases at the bar, food area and merchandising stands of the Plane’R Fest only, you will have the privilege of choosing to pay either directly with your bank card or via a cashless card.

Foodtrucks, independent merchandising stands and band merch stands will accept their own payment methods and will not use the Plane’R Fest cashless card.

Benefits of this hybrid system: you don’t have to buy a cashless card, there are fewer people at the cashless counter, faster reloading, faster orders, and as a bonus, you can run straight to the bar to get your beer instead of queuing first to buy and load your cashless card (phew!).

Only people who wish to pay in cash will have to get a cashless card.

More info here.

Attention! There is a cashpoint in the village of Colombier-Saugnieu, 2km from the festival (a vehicule is recommanded for lazy ones 😜).


On site, you will find the merchandising stands of each band, as well as a specialised stand where you can find clothing vendors, record shops, silkscreen printers, etc.

There will also be mutual aid and prevention associations to the side of Terminal 1 stage.

You will also find a stand dedicated to Plane’R Fest products, with T-shirts and other derived products in the colors of the fest’. T-shirts come off, so be prepared and don’t wait ’til the end of the festival to come and see us!


Nature is our friend. In order to keep it safe and to avoid garbage scattering, flyers distribution is forbidden near and inside the site.

You can hang posters on the barriers and supports surrounding the festival and the camping to promote your events.


By public transport

TCL bus line 1E from Grange blanche, getting off at the stop named “Colombier-Saugnieu – Les Salines” (more info here).

Attention: due to roadworks, this stop is no longer the terminus of line 1E, but is still served.

By car

From Lyon: take the D383 B-road and the A43 highway towards the D29 B-road at Saint-Laurent-de-Mûre and take exit number 5, then follow Crémieu direction (the route includes tolls).

By train

TGV (including OUIGO) to Lyon Saint-Exupéry train station, then carpool to Colombier-Saugnieu or, from Lyon Saint-Exupéry train station, take bus line 47 in direction of Maréchal Juin to the stop “Les Marches du Rhônes” and then bus line 1E in direction of Colombier-Saugnieu until the stop named “Colombier-Saugnieu – Les Salines.

Or from Lyon Part-Dieu train station, take metro lines B then D until Grange Blanche, then bus line 1E in direction of Colombier-Saugnieu until the stop named “Colombier-Saugnieu – Les Salines.

By plane

Arrival at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, then carpool to Colombier-Saugnieu or, from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, take bus line 47 in direction of Maréchal Juin to the stop “Les Marches du Rhônes” and then bus line 1E in direction of Colombier-Saugnieu until the stop named “Colombier-Saugnieu – Les Salines.


Free parking close to the site, any type of vehicle accepted.


Shuttles (via TCL bus line 1E) allow serving the 3 Colombier-Saugnieu hamlets to do your purchases (tobacco, food, drinks…).

And ’cause we’re friendly, a signposted way will be set up for shoes lovers to access those markets (and also ’cause it’s sooo beautiful walking in our nature).


Hotels on the airport site

Comfort Hotel Aeroport Lyon St Exupery, Ibis Budget, NH Lyon Airport

Plane’R Fest free camping

The campsite is located 200m from the festival area. It is accessible to festival-goers from Friday early afternoon to Sunday late morning, regardless of the type of ticket you have.

Drink or drive

An approved breathalyzer is available at the exit of the festival to ensure your ability to drive safely. Numerous police roadblocks are generally set up around the festival to ensure the safety of all, we recommend that you do not take any risks.

We will always assure you a possibility to sleep on site so that you can return home safely and in compliance with the France road rules.


Free toilets are at your disposal on the site (don’t say thank you, it’s our pleasure!).

Free showers are at the back of the village hall, 250 m from the camping, and will be open on Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 am. These will allow you to meet your parents, spouses and children, giving the impression of coming from a L’Oréal seminar (hairdresser not included)!


Should there be a fall, our volunteers team will be on hand with seal and mop to help you (we all know that when a metal guy falls, he does not break but foams).

However, for any injury or other medical problem of any kind, you will find an aid station managed by medical professionals at the entrance of the festival in order to take care of you with the greatest possible attention, and to provide you with the treatment adapted to the situation.

This is the only area of the festival that we (h)ardently do not wish you to benefit from its attentive services!


See the rules


And what about protecting our ears?

Earplugs will be available for free upon request at the festival reception.

Where and when to get a free ticket for my children?

Free tickets for children under 14 will be available at the on-site ticket office on the day of the festival.

I lost my ticket. How do we do?

If you lose your ticket, please go to the ticket office on site when arriving to the festival. We’ll take care of everything!

Lost and found

For any lost item request, please contact us at

Can I go out and re-enter the festival as I see fit?

No, any exit will be final, except for those who have access to the camping thanks to their wristband, which will have to be picked up at the ticket office at the entrance.

Can we take photos and videos?

Camcorders, reflex or bridge cameras, as well as any video capture with sound are forbidden, unless expressly accredited. Only “compact” type cameras are authorized.

As the conditions of the artistic reception are likely to change at the last moment, particularly on this point, the refusal to take photos by one of the bands will lead to a complete ban on this type of equipment for the day.

Accreditation request: any request for accreditation from the professional media must be made by e-mail to the following address:

Also, every year, we make a video to remember these moments. The fact that you can be filmed is stipulated in the general terms and conditions of sale. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to appear in close-up on a picture for personal reasons (runny mascara, messy beard or hair, perspiration traces, dirty shirt or shoes, acne pimples…or worse! Empty beer glass!), don’t hesitate to let the cameramen know directly! They will know how to make you look good!