Warm-Up – L’Empreinte de Montcul

The PLANE’R FEST Warm-Up returns in 2024 at l’Empreinte in Savigny le Temple!

After a first edition that served as a prelude to this partnership of high intellectual potential, it’s now time to confirm the beautiful relationship between these two cheeky structures – which are nonetheless relevant in their artistic choices.
Known by the code name L’EMPREINTE DE MONTCUL, this Warm-Up will be a showcase for uncompromising, no-holds-barred metal.

The line-up features 2 bands scheduled to perform at the festival in July, Ashen and Point Mort, both supported by l’Empreinte.
HURAKAN are a surprise guest. The evening will kick off with their set, in deathcore / brutal death mode: you must never neglect subtlety when working with Montcul, and that’s the way it’s going to be.
POINT MORT and their post-hardcore will have the tricky task of playing second on this night – it’s always good to aim for the middle.
We’ll end this great evening with the metalcore of ASHEN: they’ll be at home, and it’s always reassuring to be in a warm, familiar venue.

Music is great, but we know that you always want more, and with PLANE’R FEST, Montcul is always generous: there will be passes to win for the festival, merch, invitations to concerts at l’Empreinte… in short, everything that makes a warm-up the right way to warm up!

Rendezvous on Friday 8 March to show Lyon that they can score points away from home.


A rock/metal band founded in Paris in 2021, ASHEN is fast becoming a cathartic tool, driving the development of a plural and introspective identity. The past, traumas and fears that the modern world provokes in the band members are the essence of their creativity.

Their music is made up of heart-rending, dark sounds that illustrate the suffering of the past and the fears of the future, shaping the personalities of each member.

ASHEN’s aim is to deal in depth with the expression of intense, intimate feelings, and to bring together opposing emotional poles.


Point Mort is dissident, aggressive post-metal, with schizophrenic female vocals and a challenging but not contentious, frank and sensitive message.

Since 2017, the band has been ploughing its own musical path. Labyrinthine with Look at the Sky, fatalistic and sensitive with R(h)ope, tragic and lyrical with Pointless…

Common to these three chapters is the spontaneity and sincerity of live recording, exposing emotions, vulnerabilities and asperities. A five-piece feat for the genre, with tracks sometimes exceeding 10 minutes.

The band received rave reviews from the media and received considerable recognition when they were booked to play at Hellfest. They put in a memorable performance, leaving some of the audience with tears in their eyes, such was their emotion from 11 a.m. onwards.

With almost a hundred concerts to their credit, the band’s sober, uncompromising and unadorned performances are a surprise, releasing a wild, dreamlike force.

June 2024 marks the band’s return to the studio.


Hurakan was founded in the summer of 2017, with the intention of becoming a vehicle for raw emotions drawn from the darkest recesses of human nature.

We play brutal, modern deathcore, pushing further our limits in terms of composition and performance, resulting in a more organic and coherent, more mature music, allowing audience to experience different atmospheres and emotions.

Thanks to extreme, varied vocal techniques and brutal riffs, the heaviness of their songs has become increasingly overwhelming over time. Lyrics inspired by difficult periods in the singer’s life illustrate the trials of depression and hatred.