Postponment & Refunds

Happy owners of a 2021 edition ticket, you will receive an e-mail from SeeTicket (ex Digitick) informing you of the possibilities you have. That is:

  • All tickets remain valid for the next edition, which will take place on July 1st and 2nd, 2022. Let’s be precise: FRIDAY 2021 turns into FRIDAY 2022, SATURDAY 2021 turns into SATURDAY 2022, the 2-DAYS PASS remains a … 2-DAYS PASS.
  • Refunds are allowed unconditionally until July 2nd, 2021. More info on SeeTickets – Annulations et reports liés au COVID-19.
  • For those who wish to change the day (from Friday to Saturday or vice versa), please contact us at
  • The final line-up 2022 will be revealed as soon as possible, but we can already make you feel better as it will be pretty much the same!

Message for those who have not bought their ticket yet:

You can now catch up and reserve your tickets for the extraordinary 2022 edition (metal fingers) by clicking here!

Montcul remains strong and hopes you will be more furious than ever in 2022!